House Darklyn

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House Darklyn is ruled over by Lord Denys Darklyn and controls the city of Duskendale. Duskendale is the largest city in the Crownlands besides King’s Landing and one of the largest cities in Westeros.

Head of House: Denys Darklyn
Maester: Maester Thomas
Septa: Septa Morana
Master-at-Arms: Steffon Hollard
Castillian: Gergor Hollard


  1. Lord Denys Darklyn (age 20) Married to Serala of Myr
  2. Marques Darklyn (Age 18)
  3. Samantha Darklyn (Age 16)
  4. Red Darklyn (age 12)
  5. Summer Darklyn (age 6)

Houses sworn to Darklyn
House Rykker
House Hollard

House Darklyn

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