A Song of Greed and Glory

Episode 3 Log: House Falkreath
259 AL. Day 2 of campaign

(A man dressed in captains robes stands at the highest point of his ship looking down on his men as the ships approach in the distance)

Brothers of Pentos!

The black fleet approaches! Their flags adorned with terrible beasts of the sea. Pirates one and all! After our gold and our way of life! If we don’t stop them here they’ll blockade our great city and crush our economy. Will we simply stand by and let this happen?

I say NO! My brothers out numbered we stand, but on the battlefield one determined man is equal to fifty others. A foul may believe the odds are against use, but we are all determined men!

For Pentos!

Episode 2 Log: House Falkreath
259 AL. Day 2 of campaign

(This letter was found on your father’s desk, the italics are in the kings own handwriting)

I, Jaehaerys II Targaryen, hereby invite all of House Falkreath, lord, retainers, and friends alike to my coronation.
Let all honest men of the realm show their loyalty by attending this day.

There will be both a feast and several tournaments in the honor of our grace. Please send a raven, along with your heraldry by raven to Maester Reginald in kings landing if you wish to participate.

Episode 1 Log: House Falkreath
259 AL. Day 1 of campaign

Maester Cellious,

My dear brother, I hope this reaches you safely, and that its subject matter does not. Many Month have past since I left on my Lannister funded expedition to Valyria, and I’m sure many months will have passed before you receive this.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to respond to me, but I need you to know what happened.

We landed safely on the Valryian shores sure enough… but there’s something out there. Something dark and sinister, murdering us as we sleep….

It gets worse… many of the men, including myself, have been plagued with dark visions, or at least I hope they’re visions… We all seem to see them! They’re everywhere…. and I simply cannot take it anymore…..

My brother I believe I’ve found the Doom!

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