Lord Roger Falkreath II

Lord of Falkreath second of his name, often known as "The Miser of the Gold Road."


A short man who can’t seem to help but look angry even when he’s happy. He’s not exactly physically fit, but instead is a very boney and thin individual.


He became Lord Falkreath shortly after the sudden heart failure of his father. His second wife, who bore all of his children died in child birth along with his youngest son, Andrew Falkreath.

Since then he has not taken another wife, and become a bitter man. Often talking of how Andrew was to be the greatest man the world ever seen, it is his personally belief that The Seven murdered him to stop him from taking is rightful place among the gods.

He treats everyone with a general discontent, and barely holds true to the rules of hospitality. It was rumored that he beat his children, but that may just be a rumor (unless the pcs want it to be true).

Lord Roger Falkreath II

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