Lord Johnathan Falkreath III


Agility 4
Animal Handling 4 – Ride 1
Athletics – Strength 1
Cunning 3
Endurance 4 – Stamina 1
Fighting 4 – Spear 1
Stealth 1
Thievery 1
Warfare 6 – Command 3, Strategy 2
Will 3
All others at 2

Primary Weapon: Frog Spear
Armor: Mail, Buckler

Nemesis: Lord Falkreath (Johnathan’s brother, the Lord of the House)


Growing up Johnathan loved stories of battle: lord’s fighting for influence or kings leading armies to conquer uprisings. Often Johnathan would secretly go to watch (and later train with) the army. His father quickly found out about Johnathan’s interests and not wanting to lose his son to war, tried to curtail the warrior in him by hiring retired military tacticians to teach him to command men.

Later his father sponsored Johnathan to create his own banner house to house and lead the army. Johnathan excelled and quickly gained the trust of the army. As when a boy plays a Maester in chess, the few uprisings that occurred in Falkreath were quickly and brutally destroyed by Johnathan’s tactics. Often the only survivors were those in the army.

After his father’s death, his brother inherited the house and immediately demanded loyalty of the army. With a clenched fist Johnathan only replied “We will always serve the house.” After that day, Johnathan avoided council meetings and interacts with his brother only when directly called upon.

In order to gain resources for the banner house, Johnathan agreed to marry Elizabeth (a noble from near Stoney Sept). The marriage started tolerable and later they did love each other and have three sons and two daughters together. Now however, their marriage is slowly deteriorating. Between Johnathan avoiding his brother, them living with the army, and Johnathan’s persistence to always remain prepared for war, it makes it hard for Elizabeth to truly fit in with the other lords of the house.

Johnathan would wish for nothing more than to lead an army of trained and skilled men in a battle to be retold for the ages. In Falkreath however, he realizes his dream will never become a reality.

Lord Johnathan Falkreath III

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