A Song of Greed and Glory

Episode 1 Log: House Falkreath

259 AL. Day 1 of campaign

Maester Cellious,

My dear brother, I hope this reaches you safely, and that its subject matter does not. Many Month have past since I left on my Lannister funded expedition to Valyria, and I’m sure many months will have passed before you receive this.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to respond to me, but I need you to know what happened.

We landed safely on the Valryian shores sure enough… but there’s something out there. Something dark and sinister, murdering us as we sleep….

It gets worse… many of the men, including myself, have been plagued with dark visions, or at least I hope they’re visions… We all seem to see them! They’re everywhere…. and I simply cannot take it anymore…..

My brother I believe I’ve found the Doom!



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